Hello and thank you for your interest in Jeffrey Miller's "Commissions in Copper"


These elegant works in copper command attention. Evoking nature's forms, patterns, and themes, Miller imbues a given space with a magnetism inspired by air currents, ocean tides, forest trails. Generating a strong impulse for touch, the work has a rather personal feel, so physical it is nearly figurative art.

An endless variety of organic and fundamental shapes and colors are within reach and eager to be expressed. The impact of a garden, a forest at dusk, an ocean storm , all can conveyed by the fabrication and accumulation of individually hand crafted pieces of copper (sometimes aluminum and brass). The material is often hand painted to match the client's preference. Other times, the metal is allowed to speak for itself, using patination processes to bring out the potential and inherent beauty.

Price range depends on factors such as scale, detail, work environment, etc. Commissions can be created within a given budget as well. Click  above to contact Mr. Miller to find out more and to schedule a meeting.